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UWC-USA Summer Programs follow a long tradition of experiential education that believes youth have more power, knowledge, and ability than they know. All of our programs offer challenge, learning, opportunity to use newfound skills, service, and the opportunity to meet other young passionate people from around the globe.




UWC-USA is located in Montezuma, N.M., six miles (10 km) from Las Vegas, N.M., 68 miles (109 km) from Santa Fe, and 123 miles (197 km) from Albuquerque, where the closest major airport is located.

Located at the edge of the Pecos Wilderness in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo mountain range, the area enjoys an average of 300 sunny days a year, and, while it snows in the winter, the climate is generally mild.

The 200-acre campus is anchored by the famous Montezuma Castle. Built in 1881 as a luxury hotel and completely refurbished in 2001, the Castle includes dorm rooms, classrooms, offices, and the Dining Hall.

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New Mexico and the local culture

The New Mexico climate combined with unparalled natural areas provide a unique outdoor classroom that supports the experiential learning that takes place in the UWC-USA summer programs.

Abiquiu New Mexico

Once home to the famous painter Georgia O’Keefe, Abuquiu is just one example of New Mexico’s rich heritage of culture and art

Pecos Wilderness

There’s more to New Mexico than desert, cactus, pinion and juniper! The high Alpine area of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains provides breathtaking views and a mountain experience.

World Renowned Balloon Fiesta

We always welcome our participants to join us New Mexico year round. One of the largest hot air balloon festivals happens here in the fall.

Bandelier National Monument

Come explore Bandelier National Monument with us! The monument contains evidence of human presence here going back to over 11,000 years.

Native American Dances

Dances and events at local Native communities are held regularly as part of Pueblo Native tradition. We’re invited to celebrate with them on specific days.

Pueblo de Taos

This Pueblo Indian settlement, consisting of adobe dwellings and ceremonial buildings, exemplifies the enduring culture of a group of the present-day Pueblo Indians.

Inside the Pecos Wilderness

As part of our wilderness program, the Pecos Wilderness offer opportunity for diverse outdoor experiences.

Chama River Valley

Chama River Valley in red rock country has a wilderness area, a recreational river that attracts kayakers, and offers many other outdoor activities.

UWC-USA summer programs staff

Our instructors are highly trained experts in the fields of experiential learning, intercultural relations, environmental sustainability, and youth leadership development. Instructors often include UWC graduates.

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