Youth Programs

In our Summer Youth Programs; you have the options to explore leadership, language, wilderness, and the environment- all with a tight-knit group of youth from around the globe.


Adult Programs

UWC-USA Adult Programs offer UWC mission-driven adventure with programs taking place year-round and in destinations all over the world.


Engage. Transform. Impact

In our Global Leadership Forum we guarantee you’ll engage with communities, transform yourself, and have a positive impact on the world.


Who we are

UWC-USA is one of 15 UWC campuses spread across five continents.

We are educators leading the way in comprehensive education, with years of experience in the realm of experiential education and youth adventure programming. Our summers are spent doing incredible things, and our participants love their experiences.


Ready for an adventure?

In our Wilderness Expedition, you’ll learn to thrive in the wilderness with nothing but the pack on your shoulders and the team members at your side. This program is for the bold.


“One of the reasons I chose to do the trip was because such wilderness trips allow you to live simply, and it’s so great to know that you are self-sufficient with just the people that you are living with. You basically have your entire home in your backpack.”

– Sandile Dube, 2014 Wilderness Expedition

See our programs for yourself

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Why OUR programs

  1. UWC-USA draws participants from all over the planet
  2. Enrich your worldview through the eyes of your global friends
  3. You’ll conquer your fears, explore beyond your comfort zone
  4. When you leave, you’ll be ready to accomplish your goals
  5. All our programs are driven by the UWC mission to unite people, nations, and cultures for peace and a sustainable future

Language & Culture

Don’t just learn a language, experience it. In Language and Culture, you’ll advance your English skills while learning about the culture through real world experience and adventure.

Three things you can expect when you learn a new language


You’ll meet more people, and better understand their lives and perspectives


Advance your opportunities to travel, work, and enjoy the world


Gain confidence in your everyday life

Growing with UWC-USA

If you can grow food in the southwest of the United States, you can grow food anywhere. Learn about sustainable growing practices, explore the land through wilderness trips, and gain an edge in the IB Environmental Systems course in this brand new Summer Program, UWC-USA Environmental Systems Intensive.


Growing more than just vegetables

In our Environmental Systems Intensive, you’ll be growing food, yourself, and relationships with participants and the earth. Learn about urban farming, composting, sustainable growing practices, ecology, environmental systems, building skills, wilderness living skills, orienteering, mountaineering and plant identification.

This program is led by UWC-USA’s Environmental Systems teacher, Ben Gillock. The program follows the IB E-Systems curriculum and will prepare you for excellence in the IB E-Systems course, however we do not offer this program with IB credit.


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