“I was determined to help people that were affected by natural disasters and do work that is needed to recover from them.”

Virginia Flagler

Virginia Flagler helps community after Hurricane Sandy

Determined and passionate GLF participant Virginia Flagler helps out her grandparent’s devastated community after the destructive Hurricane Sandy. I went into GLF thinking I knew exactly what I wanted to do to help my community. After a few workshops I realized it might not be exactly what the people needed. I’ve been able to do small things with my determination and motivation.

This fall I took a group of kids from school to my grandparent’s home community, an island hurt by Hurricane Sandy. We spent the day planting dune grass on the newly built sand dunes that separate the beach from residential areas. This helps make the dunes stronger and able to keep the water out of homes during extreme high tides.

I’m okay with not having a project coming out of GLF because I was inspired to jump around and do things to be helpful. For me it was more important to support someone else’s efforts rather than make people feel obliged to support my new idea. But I am still open to discovering a project for me to start in all of the work I’m doing in the meanwhile and start something no one has ever thought of.