Taking that open microphone that no one had dared to take

The MIO buses, the greatest means of public transport in Cali, always seemed like a place where people were bound to listen. Massive amounts of people sitting and standing silently in a bus where the only sound is the engine running; it’s nothing more than a naturally occurring stage on wheels. Living in a third world country known for having high rates of corruption and violence, a cultural change seems like the best approach possible to make a better country, but sometimes those with the greatest ideas have no audience or are scared to speak their mind. This is why I created Agentes del Progreso: to encourage people to speak up and express their constructive criticism in an attempt to make a change in our society.

Upon realizing that the MIO buses were just mobile stages with an open microphone that no one dared to take, the only step left was to take it myself and encourage everyone else to use it as well. In no time I managed to form a group of teenagers who were as eager as me to express their thoughts in public, as well as to encourage our audience to become a part of the performance so that Colombian society keeps improving, one word at a time.