“I came to GLF with the project idea of building a youth to youth group between refugees (especially Syrian) who are arriving in Germany and German teens. The Germans could show the young refugees their new environment, help them learning German, exchange cultures and maybe even to become friends and build up a community in which we create little projects to have a positive impact in the world. Actually I tried to start this project already before GLF finding other German teens who would like to be part of this long living project. I made and stayed in contact with some organizations who are engaged in helping refugees in Germany, like Cabana e.V., Diakonie…, UNICEF, Ausländerrat e.V. and save me e.V.. But my project turned out a little more complicated than I imagined. At GLF I was able to clear my head of all those Ideas I have and to make a plan of what my project exactly is and how to keep on going with my project,( or more that it is good and okay to start from the root, from the beginning of my project again. Like a fresh new start.) As I came back from GLF I was alot in contact with UNICEF, the youth group of UNICEF and worked with them. At the moment I am in the middle of my exchange year in the USA, still in contact with UNICEF and hope when I come back that I can make my project come true or to work on other projects.”

Mary-Ann Müeller