GLF was an opening to a new world, which many don’t have the ability to see. But the best thing, aside from the new knowledge gained, are the relationships forged in the camp, which although separate, resist all distance in the world. Juan Pablo Arango


At first it was difficult to decide even the objective to construct my project. My mission to give to the world was ability to understand itself better. What I mean by this is make people yet aware of the world they living in. For this my project had to fronts to promote this, a poetry club I’m part of and organization one from my father’s cousin has for helping children from low-income families to get an education. In first front, the poetry group that I’m part off went a represented the school at an arts festival and brought the idea to create more pro-art environment in schools, promoting in the monthly session we have called, open mics, recognition for more artistic skills (like music, poetry, prose, etc) than academic. With this we try to demonstrate that only academia should be valued life but also art. We also try to address community issues, so that people take a stance on them.

Well on the front, the organization from my father’s cousin, I have donated all books and educational materials I can, and try to go once in a semester, since my academic load and extracurricular activities can get heavy. From the experiences I have had with this journey, the challenges were large but the work and risk put to it rewards amazingly, all because you know that the world is getting better from you helping it.

At last the outcomes from the efforts of my fathers cousin’s and poetry club called wordaholics created better environments and opportunities for the communities they are in; my school has become more unified and the my father’s cousin organization has helped more than 1000 kids, granting them help from other organizations.